If you know how to type:

Writing Jobs That Pay You $4000 a Month

Do you know that if you know how to use a computer and type some text, you are qualified for a job that earns you at least $20/hr? Forget about serving fish and chips at Fish and Co. or even data entry jobs at SMEs which pays you pennies every hour and enter the world of writing jobs where you can unleash your creative juice and earn a respectable sum every month. Bad English? That's okay! With an array of tools and grammar checker to help you on the way, you can write decent articles for companies which pays writers generously.The best part about this job is that, you can work anywhere and anytime-at the outdoor while waiting someone, lying on sofa at home, or even at the office!
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If you know how to use a computer:

Doing Surveys That Pay You $2000 a Month

There are thousands of Singapore companies looking for people living in Singapore to give an opinion and they reward their effort handsomely, from $10 to $50 per opinion. It doesn't matter what level of qualifications you have, or what language you speak, as long as you fill up the form honestly, you will be paid. Sounds easy? Because it really is! This is probably the easiest money to be made because the timing is flexible and you decide how much you want to earn by taking as much surveys as you want. Sometimes they even send you expensive new products for review and you get to keep it after that for free.
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If you know two languages:

Translator Jobs That Pay You $3500 a Month

Did it ever crossed your mind how is learning a second language useful when you were in primary school? It's definitely useful and profitable because your dual-language skills now is going to make you lots of money. By translating a simple email, let's say, english to chinese, or english to malay, or english to tamil, you get paid about $35! These jobs are pretty interesting and exciting too, because you get to translate new movie subtitles, books or even documents that many people don't access to! I have personally known a person who earns about $12k from this translator job and he's not even working full-time on this. Heck, he can't even speak fluent English!
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More Part Time Jobs in Singapore will be updated...

What our readers have to say...


Serene Ang

Being a stay-at-home mum, my choices for jobs are pretty limited and it's great to learn that I can still earn a good $3000 a month at home without compromising the precious time with my loved ones.


Resh G.

My full-time day job was paying poorly but I enjoy the 8-hour work day and the job security it provides. Naturally, the only viable option is to take up an easy part time job. I began taking on writing jobs and in less than 2 months, my earnings from part time job can nearly matches my full time job!


Qing Yu

I'm a foreigner studying in Nanyang Polytechnic and I have to work to pay off my school fees. I came across this website and began to take on the survey jobs. I'm surprised by how easy it is to earn an additional $1000 per month by spending some hours at night to complete the surveys.


Jeremy Toh

After getting out of National Service, I wasn't ready to go into a full time job because I'm looking to enter the university. Since I have learnt chinese and english in primary school, I decided to take on translator jobs and surprisingly, the simple jobs earn me about $4000 per month!

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